26 Jul

The Healing Power of Sleep


Sleep is a period when our cells undergo repair. Our hormones, and consequently our immune system, act differently when we are asleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to our health, but the stresses of our daily life, such as work or family commitments, can interfere with the quality of our sleep. While this is common in modern society, many people underestimate how significant the consequences of sleep deprivation can be on our health and well-being.

On a personal note, one of the worst experiences of my whole life was dealing with sleep deprivation on a daily basis. I was always tired, irritated, unable to concentrate or remember simple things, a situation exacerbated by the need to provide constant care to my newborn child without family support. I was not actually aware of the immense benefit that Reiki treatment could bring to my sleeping condition until years later, when I decided to use alternative therapies to address the depression I was feeling.

I remember feeling pressure to fall asleep quickly, fearing that I would miss the precious opportunity available to relax while my baby was sleeping! It became a vicious cycle that I struggled to break. Reiki helped my body to relax deeply, giving it a chance to actually ‘remember’ how to sleep. I learned to shift towards more ‘open’ breathing, effortlessly allowing myself to relax. My mind naturally became quieter, permitting my body to calm by letting go of problems and commitments, resulting in a more refreshing night of sleep.

Reiki can promote harmony within the body, restoring its equilibrium and balancing the body’s system by providing deep relaxation. It can have a positive effect on the nervous system, eliminating episodes of insomnia and giving the body a chance to return to a state of good health.